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Schedule, Schedules and More Schedules

August 8, 2017

Schedule, Schedules and More Schedules

We watch a lot of Disney movies and listen to Disney soundtracks at our house.  A song from Lion King has been running through my mind . . . “Be Prepared.”  Although I don’t condone Scar’s message about being prepared I do agree that it is important to be prepared.  You never know when something unexpected comes up and takes your focus away from a task.  With that I mind I do my best to “Be Prepared.”  As the first day of school is approaching our team met to review student schedules, make sure everyone had the correct classes and start thinking about supporting students in the general education setting so we are prepared and can focus on teaching when workshop week begins.  Everyone has their own method of preparing from a handwritten grid to a spread sheet.

I, of course, am on the spreadsheet side of the spectrum by using Google Sheets and just keep it basic with names down the first column, class periods across the top and then fill in the teacher names for each class a student has.  My co-workers noticed my sheet when I started to use conditional formatting to color code.  This allows me to see which students have specific classes at a quick glance.  I then can make decisions about grouping students or moving students away from each other.  Here is what the finished spreadsheet looks like (I removed the names for privacy but I think you get the idea).

If you are interested in learning about conditional formatting watch this video and then give it a try.

If you can’t decide which colors to use here is my color coding system: Language Arts – red, Math – blue, Science – green, Social Studies – orange, Study Skills – purple.  I also make special education classes vibrant colors and general education classes muted colors to help identify when I will see a student.

Good luck using conditional formatting to color code your Google Sheets.  I would love to hear how it goes and if you have any other ideas for using this tool in Google Sheets.


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